My name is Ivaylo and I’ve always had passion for technology and innovation. I did finance for over 7 years before becoming a software engineer and turned my hobby into a job. I started this blog for people who are curious about computer science in real life and wonder where to start. Some ideas come from colleagues, some from family and friends. I try to write on topics that are not explored as well on the web. The posts revolve mostly around Technology and Finance.

I graduated The University of Manchester in 2012 with BA Econ (Honours) in Economics & Finance and did a few internships in the area of finance. I’ve completed numerous certifications – CFA, FRM, IMC, CFTe, MSTA and others. My areas of concentration are Portfolio Management & Performance Measurement, Technical Analysis, Trading and Derivatives. When I’m not travelling, I play table tennis and I like spending my free time listening to electronic music and reading books on random subjects. I enjoy teaching as much as learning, so I hope you find the information here useful. If you’d like to send me a message, you can add me on Linkedin